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John Milne - Registered Professional Turner

John has lived in fife for over 30 years.  Originally from Glasgow, he is  time served mechanical engineer and tool maker who took up wood turning fifteen years ago.  Since then he has turned with Oscar Douglas or Ayrshire where he learned his basic knowledge of the craft.  Having practiced what he had been taught, he then turned alongside the internationally renowned wood turner Jimmy Clews in Durham. It was there that John learned to produce his hollow forms and take a more detailed look at the design aspect of his turning.  Jimmy also gave him an insight into producing ART FORMS rather than pieces of turned wood.  The result of his tuition had a tremendous effect on Johns thinking and spurred him on to becoming a professional turner himself.  More recently, after having bought what is considered to be one of the best and certainly the quietest lathe on the market today, the SILVERDRIVE 280 variable speed.